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Analytics and BI

One source of truth for all your marketing activities

Thanks to comprehensive data analysis and gorgeous visualizations, the power is in your hands. Evaluating progress, analyzing and optimizing, and ultimately producing outcomes, can be difficult when data is dispersed across platforms and channels. With Business Marketer's patented Analytics and BI features, you can clearly see how your campaigns are doing across them, find previously untapped opportunities, boost ROI, and feel in control.

Analytics and BI

Everything in one place

Your Own Customized Dashboard | Facebook Creative Dashboard | Google Ads Keywords Dashboard | Google Analytics Dashboard

The analytics and business intelligence dashboards from Business Marketer show you the trends in both paid and organic activity, along with tips you may use to maintain performance. We offer a solution for you whether you're an analytics specialist or just want a bird's eye view.

One source of truth for iOS, Android, and Web

All digital activity are tracked and analyzed using our dashboard. View the most important indicators quickly, and then dig deeper to gain really insightful granular information.Get one reliable source for all of your media and organic efforts. Increase your capacity to compare channels, campaigns, media kinds, and other factors by centralizing all of your data in one location. You have a very clear image of your performance because everything has been consolidated for you.

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Complete customization

You have a customized dashboard. We'll make sure your particular KPIs are prominently shown and that the various metrics and visualizations are exactly what you require to optimize your campaigns and get the best possible outcomes.

Get valuable insights on iOS

We provide outstanding post-IDFA solutions, including ingesting SKAdNetwork data, to take full advantage of the changes following the most recent iOS privacy update. Within the constraints of iOS 14.5 and higher, we customize our dashboards and gather data to produce a thorough picture.

Advanced metrics and valuable analytics, such as:

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