ASO Localization Services

Why settle on one location when your app can go global?

Being successful internationally means staying away from a “1-size-fits-all” content approach. For effective localized ASO, it’s not enough to just translate the app title and description into another language. To execute successful localization, you need an amazing ASO translation team with great research tools, combined with local knowledge.

App Localization – not just translation

Users in varied countries act differently because they have distinct cultures. They require tailored content and visuals – something we call culturalization. When apps just translate their title, subtitle, and description for each geo they’re offered in, many may think it’s job done. What they don’t think about, however, are elements of critical importance: such as cultural nuances and relevant local keywords. A highly accurate translation, for example, might not include a single relevant keyword! This is why, for true ASO localization, you need to carry out research and understand the audience you’re localizing for – or have a partner that has experience in localization success.

Localization benefits

Research More traffic

Effective, localized keyword research can find the keywords that have the highest traffic in each specific location – something you won’t get by simply translating your current metadata fields.

Lower difficulty

When apps are not localized properly in app stores’ results, there can be gaps where users search for keywords that apps aren’t using. It’s critical to use keywords for a high ranking, but without focusing on the correct, localized keywords, and updating your metadata accordingly, your app won’t reach its true potential.

Better local conversion rates

Conversion rates take multiple factors into account, including text and screenshots/video. Different cultures have different visual expectations, and you can’t assume that what works in one geo will work equally well in others. An effective CRO localization strategy optimizes across all touchpoints to drive results.

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Moburst’s Localization Process


Keyword and competitor research

We delve into the most effective keyword strategy for each specific geo being targeted, across both major app stores. This research takes into account local culture, past results, competitor strategies, and more.



Results are measured and reports generated to ensure a constant gain in ranking numbers and installs.



Updates are continuously made to further boost rankings and improve results in each geo being targeted. Both the metadata and the visual assets are tested each month to achieve higher conversion rates and gain more visibility – which will produce more quality installs.


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