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The majority of visitors to an app store page will leave within 3-6 seconds. However, we are aware of what must be done to convince them to remain longer, continue exploring, and finally convert. The most effective weapon you have to influence your cost per download and organic trends in app store creativity.

Due to the creation of some of the highest-performing assets for some of the most well-known businesses in the world, Business Marketer is the industry leader in terms of best practices for app store assets.

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You must think beyond the box if you want to get noticed and achieve success. We are masters at conducting thorough creative research and developing ideas that are attention-grabbing while adhering to brand rules. Based on characteristics and major selling points, we come up with a variety of concepts. We want to effectively and attractively convey the app’s message, including who it’s for and why you need it.

The first thing a user’s eyes are pulled to on an app store page is screenshots. Here, despite what would appear like restrictions from the strict app store requirements, we can still express ourselves artistically. We keep an eye on the users and validate our storytelling approach through their perspective as they are continuously asking, “What’s in it for me?” Throughout the user journey, we make sure that this generates the highest conversion rates.

We provide customers with an attractive taste of the software that grabs their attention right away and keeps it long enough to encourage a conversion. We have experience creating some of the top-performing app preview videos, so we are aware of what it takes to be successful. We’ve tested thousands of videos, and we know how important it is to keep to the App Store and Google Play’s rules while using creativity to maximize conversion.

The app icon is a distinctive representation of what the app stands for and a valuable tool for encouraging user interaction and, eventually, conversions. It must be a well-balanced mixture of branded and performance-driven assets.

We are specially prepared to ensure that your app runs excellently since we are familiar with all the intricate (and frequently changing) app store guidelines. Additionally, we collaborate with the strategy, ASO, and CRO teams to brainstorm, offering you the best of all possible worlds. This is made possible by the fact that our app store creative team is integrated into many different departments. Last but not least, our staff is skilled in iteratively analyzing data after the first launch to produce engagement metrics that are always improving

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