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Create authentic content that resonates with users

User-generated content (UGC) dominates, outperforming standard advertisements with a 4x better CTR and a 50% cheaper cost-per-click (CPC). Why? Since the only thing that really counts on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok is authenticity. Use the skillful UGC creators in our team to increase audience trust and brand loyalty.

Our Army of Creators

Our remarkable team of TikTok and Instagram Reels UGC creators at Business Marketer is a part of a dynamic network that produces genuine user-generated content. They are exceptional at recognizing platform quirks and putting best practices into effect while promoting sincere and significant engagements. The market is changing due to the rising need for authenticity, which is motivating brands to work with UGC creators rather than conventional influencers. Are you prepared to join the ride and stay in front?

UGC is more affordable than influencers & more impactful than creative content

Influencers are important and have a place in a campaign strategy, but their larger followings frequently come at a higher cost. Instead, our vast network of UG content producers offers affordable alternatives to surpass your marketing objectives.Benefit from solid partnerships with socially adept producers capable of producing interesting content for TikTok and Instagram by tapping into Business Marketer's global network of UGC creators.

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What Sets UGC Creators Apart

Business Marketer's army of UGC creators produces content that is rapidly uploaded on the brand's channels, where it may be subject to less restrictions than that of influencers who use their own channels.They are neither actors nor influences. Because the Business Marketer creative team uses this UGC for advertisements and other media, our creators streamline the creative process.


The Right UGC Creators For You

Our UGC solution for TikTok and Reels producers offers a large selection of creators covering all verticals, such as beauty, fitness, health, business, technology, lifestyle, DIY, foodies, and more! Depending on your brand's goal and target market, select the ideal match yourself or allow us do it for you. Additionally, we'll guide you through any legal issues.

UGC Services That Deliver

Stay On Top of Trends

Whether it's a challenge, a dance, or a certain TikTok tune, our UGC Creators always know what's popular.

Leverage Authenticity

Creating genuine, engaging content that speaks the correct language and gets results.

Save Big

You receive amazing material for less money as opposed to being charged dependent on the amount of followers.

Streamline your Timeline

Benefit from a quick turnaround of 10 days, including revisions (as opposed to 3+ weeks with influencers).

You need amazing, genuine, mobile-first content to succeed on Instagram. The army of UGC creators at Business Marketer is your quickest, cheapest, and most successful route to success.

Business Marketer’s UGC Creator Process

Defining your needs and the objectives of the UGC campaign in collaboration to get started on the same page

Identifying your needs and the objectives of the UGC campaign in collaboration to get started on the same page

Utilizing our wide network of creative artists from a range of industries, markets, and genres

Based on their qualifications, experience, and work preferences, our team analyses and screens candidates to identify the best match for your objectives.

We launch, evaluate, and optimize your campaign after receiving the producers’ content. Brand assets are created from additional content.

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