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A marketing video has the power to boost conversion rates by 80%, and it’s no surprise that 92% of marketers say that video is a critical part of their overall marketing strategy. Today, people don’t want to read lengthy articles or search for explanations – they just want to press play, and see everything they need in one, awesome place.

At Moburst, we offer a wide range of video production options for marketing; all planned and produced in-house. From a fancy video production with 3D components to creating short TikToks, our video experts provide sophisticated assets used by global companies.

01 High-end animated video production

The quality of an animated video has a massive impact on how people perceive your brand and your offering. This process includes creating a script, storyboard, design, animation, and sound, all according to a brief – and believe us when we say, it pays off. These videos have the powerful ability to take a complex idea and, with the right storytelling, turn it into a fun and engaging asset of under 90 seconds.

02 Awesome app preview videos

Conquer the app stores with videos that wow users, convert easily, and turbocharge your conversion optimization efforts. These videos need to comply with the rules and guidelines of the app stores and have strict limitations. We create breathtaking ASO videos that are designed to convert, and are fully compliant with app store guidelines to ensure quick acceptance and maximum ASO exposure.

03 Killer Campaign videos

Craft the perfect cross-platform campaigns, that work together throughout a user’s journey; from social media like Facebook and Instagram, to display and banner ads across the web. These campaigns consist of a series of different kinds of videos in multiple sizes, with differentiated messaging to suit distinct needs.

04 Spectacular TikTok videos

38% of mobile users use TikTok on a monthly basis, and the number jumps when looking at younger demographics. But if you want to make an impact on TikTok, you have to make TikToks and not a video ad. Generally, TikTok users hate ads, as the platform itself is very authentic and organic – so you need to create really good videos that feel natural. We’re TikTok specialists, and have in-house experts as well as one of the world’s biggest creators network, to create videos that are natural, raw, and powerful.

05 Inspiring “How to” videos

Everyone loves a good “how to” video, where a concept is broken down and explained simply and effectively. We’re experts at all “how to” videos including video tutorials, instructional videos, or DIY guides featuring educational content.

06 Amazing corporate videos

Put your best foot forward with a corporate video that’s an inspiring portrait of who your company really is. An effective corporate video allows people to connect to your brand, vision, and mission; while giving a personal touch with a lasting impact.

07 Powerful personal branding / live action videos

There are few more authoritative pieces of content than authentic video stories told by real people. Social proof is the greatest influencer, and personal branding videos empower you to show off the incredible person behind the camera.

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Experience and synergies

The magic happens when our departments come together, with out-of-the-box thinking and data-driven decisions, for results that are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Data-driven precision

It’s not just about good campaign design and creatives – what really counts is data and performance. As much as we value good design, we know that performance and results are key. We base everything we do on data and performance; that’s what drives us and ensures success.

Broad platform expertise

No two platforms are alike. The Moburst team has the unique ability to create high-performing assets for specific platforms, based on years of working with global companies. We know what works, and why.

The marketing video production process



The challenge at this stage is that there is a lot to say – always! Our goal is to take all the relevant information and tell it in a compact way. We start with a call, where the client and our copywriters get together to understand the needs, main messages, and specific goals. Then we get brainstorming and come up with creative ideas. We then edit these ideas and deliver a script. This is the core of the video and the most important step. Once it’s approved by the client, it’s onto storyboarding.


Concept & storyboard

We create a storyboard that sketches out what the video will look like, to understand the flow and the scenes. This overlays the original document onto a timeline, for a more accurate picture of the final product.


Design, shooting & editing

This is the fun part! At this point, we create the actual video. Depending on the concept, we’ll either take every shot of the video and design it; or we shoot from scratch, ensuring every shot and frame is created and edited to be perfect.



Here is when the video comes to life. These touches make the video pop and ensure an incredible final product.


Voice-over, music, and sound effects

This step is truly the soul of the video. It brings a video to life, gives it body, and enables us to take advantage of the power of video.

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