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Turn your influencer marketing into a performance generator

Influencers have enormous influence, and it is important to recognize the value of the trust, sincerity, and connections they foster. Unfortunately, a lot of influencer marketing tactics are useless, with unclear objectives and mediocre outcomes. You may now efficiently utilize your influencers to build a well-oiled performance marketing machine.

Influencer Marketing

Are you prepared to use influencer marketing to your advantage? Your go-to partner for industry knowledge and insights from influencers is Business Marketer. We'll take your brand to new heights with our excellent marketing track record.

01 It’s All About The Results

A successful influencer campaign is defined by quantifiable outcomes that matter, like installs and sales, rather than metrics like brand awareness, which are measured in likes or views.Our influencer marketing experts take care of everything, including creating briefs for the influencers, motivating them with important brand messages to make our clients stand out, and reporting. We also use the influencer's content, repurposing it to produce a variety of different assets, like commercials, which streamlines the creative process, makes it more economical for the client, and—most importantly—delivers amazing results.

02 Data-driven Influencer Marketing Agency

By bridging the gap between creators and brands, nurturing an objectively honest voice, and adding a human touch to brand marketing, we help brands reach their target audiences.Utilizing audience analytics and previously unmatched insights into each influencer and the demographics of their following, our special process for choosing influencers.We take pleasure in our capacity to offer an unmatched understanding of influencer dynamics, ensuring the best decisions for the success of your company.

03 Superior Planning for Superior Outcomes

Business Marketer is a firm believer in success planning. Beginning with a client brief that we can develop together, we proceed. To achieve outstanding results, this requires identifying the target market and developing a creative plan.To ensure a perfect fit for your product and client requirements, we handle everything in-house and make use of strong tools to obtain profound insights into an influencer's audience and reach. Having a lot of information at our disposal, we ensure that all money is invested carefully.Weekly and monthly updates to our thorough reporting reflect outcomes based on the key performance factors established at the beginning of the campaign.

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Key Benefits

Authentic Voice

The assurance, sincerity, and trust that influencers create simply cannot be matched by traditional advertisements.

Competitive Advantage

Develop an influencer marketing machine to help you dominate your competition

Cost Effective

Achieve lower cost per activation regularly compared to other media sources.

High Performing Creatives

Take advantage of creatives who perform well and provide remarkable outcomes

Exceptional Conversion Rates

Utilize the genuine appearance and feel of influencer marketing to raise your conversion rates.

Our Influencer Marketing Process

Every influencer campaign begins with a thorough preparation that is tailored to your unique requirements. Together with you, our skilled team of strategists will develop a detailed campaign brief with goals and KPIs. We don’t move on to the following phase until we are certain of the outcomes you are looking for.

There are a lot of potential influencers out there, so it might be difficult to choose the best one for your goals. It’s not just about the number of followers; when it comes to influencers, quality far outweighs quantity. Our team has significant expertise in screening influencers based on hundreds of criteria, ensuring that you get the best possible brand ambassadors.

Not only do we eliminate the hassle of finding influencers, but we also manage your outreach and interaction with them. Once you’re satisfied with the talent we’ve provided, we work out the details of the contract and make it happen

We collaborate closely with influencers to design the creative strategy for the material they will share with their audience after the connection is set up. Our skilled writers and designers may even assist with materials they are unable to create themselves, ensuring they have all they need to accurately represent your brand.

We are dedicated to maintaining the good reputation of your company. Our team actively participates in managing the material that the influencers you employ post on your behalf. From inception through publication, we’re always in the know to make sure you stay in charge of the story and encounter no surprises.

Influencer marketing is “fluff” if it fails to generate the KPIs you’re after. Every influencer’s success is actively tracked, and this includes an in-depth analysis of the links they share.

Constant monitoring and real-time optimization are required for successful influencer work. With the most cutting-edge analytical techniques available, our skilled team of data scientists can quickly find unexplored prospects, set up testing, and make changes that have a positive impact

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