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From powerful insights to immense impact

Campaign conception and design is the process of coming up with ideas that appeal to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time, on the appropriate platform, with the appropriate message, and in a way that inspires your users to buy your items.

By planning for success from the beginning, the concept and design specialists at Business Marketer make sure that you get off to the greatest start possible.

We work with all media and platforms

It includes more than just implementing the same idea to many platforms. A thorough understanding of the various asset types—from static advertisements to GIF ads, or carousels to Reels ads—and how to construct a story with them is necessary for genuinely spectacular results. It's also important to position each advertisement following best practices and encourage user interaction to maximize outcomes. Sliding correctly, for example, is considerably different than touching or sliding up to a specific location within an Instagram story.Every advertisement must be eye-catching, and our creative strategy calls for ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of each advertisement to inform decisions on how to maximize engagement across all platforms and tools.

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Experience and synergies

When our departments work together, creative problem-solving and data-driven decisions produce nothing less than mind-blowing results.

Data-driven precision

It's not just about effective campaign design and creatives; statistics and performance are what really matter. Though we place a high priority on outstanding design, we also understand that performance and outcomes are crucial. Data and performance form the foundation of all we do; they are what motivate us and guarantee our success.

Broad platform expertise

Every platform is unique. Based on years of experience working with multinational corporations, the Business Marketer team has the special ability to develop high-performing assets for particular platforms. We Know what works and why.

Business Marketer concept & design workflow


Campaign concept phase

The creative team offers comprehensive and useful insights before launching a campaign, including creative research, insights from prior campaigns, creative strategy, and creative implementation following an entire marketing funnel. Our brief will be packed with information on the target market, key differentiators, features, KPIs, and other pertinent data since we want to be completely familiar with the product.The internal ideation step then assists us in determining the design components, tone, colors, messages, and pictures we will employ at the macro level. Based on the competitive analysis created by the experienced team, the method will depend on the campaign's KPIs, the target audience, the product features, and what competitors are doing.


Campaign design phase

We examine the category carefully to determine what is motivating and trendy, and we integrate this with the most recent best practices for each platform. Learning the brand's visual identity, including its colors, tone, and other characteristics, is the first step in the process. While adhering to the guidelines in the company brand book, we take the ideas from Phase 1 and give them life.


Data & optimization phase

After the campaign goes live, we compile all the data and look into what was most successful. Based on the information obtained by the media team, we research and improve our creatives.To determine which strategy performs best for each channel, we want to test as much as we can using several approaches. Most campaigns also include a place for "outside the box" ideas, which are usually highly effective humorous or attention-getting suggestions that we wish to explore.

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