Concept & Design

From powerful insights to immense impact

Campaign conceptualization and design is the process of creating concepts that resonate with the right audience, at the right time, on the right platform, and with the right message that gets your users inspired by your products.

Moburst’s team of concept & design experts ensures that you get off to the best possible start, by designing for success from the get-go.

We work with all media and platforms

It’s not just about taking the same concept and using it across different platforms. What is required for truly magical results is a deep understanding of how to tell a story using different asset types; from static ads to GIF ads, or carousels to Reels ads. Moreover, it’s not just about different specs, it’s about how to position each ad according to best practices, and make the user engage with the ad to drive results. So if we want the user to swipe right for example, it’s very different to swiping up or tapping on a specific place within an Instagram story. Each ad must be designed to be beautiful, with constant monitoring of the ad’s performance to drive further decisions in terms of how to get the best possible engagement for each platform and tool – all of this is part of our creative strategy.

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Experience and synergies

The magic happens when our departments come together, with out-of-the-box thinking and data-driven decisions, for results that are nothing short of mind-blowing.

Data-driven precision

It’s not just about good campaign design and creatives – what really counts is data and performance. As much as we value good design, we know that performance and results are key. We base everything we do on data and performance; that’s what drives us and ensures success.

Broad platform expertise

No two platforms are alike. The Moburst team has the unique ability to create high-performing assets for specific platforms, based on years of working with global companies. We know what works, and why.

Moburst concept & design workflow


Campaign concept phase

Before starting a campaign, the creative team provides deep and actionable insights in terms of creative research, insights based on previous campaigns, creative strategy, and creative implementation based on a full marketing funnel. We want to be intimately familiar with the product – our brief will be packed with information on the target audience, key differentiators, features, KPIs, and other relevant data. The internal ideation phase then helps us understand what we need to design on a macro level – what design elements, tone, colors, messages, and images we want to use. The approach will depend on the campaign’s KPIs, the target audience, product features, and what competitors are doing – which is based on the competitive analysis compiled by the expert team.


Campaign design phase

We take an in-depth look at the category to see what’s trending and inspiring, and combine this with the latest best practices per platform. The process begins with learning the brand look and feel, as well as the colors, tone, and brand elements. We take the concepts of Phase 1 and bring them to life while maintaining the company brand book guidelines.


Data & optimization phase

Once the campaign is live, we gather all the data and investigate what worked best. We investigate and optimize our creatives based on the data gathered by the media team. We want to test as much as we can, trying multiple approaches, see what the performance is like, and run with the best-performing method for each channel. In most campaigns, we also have a section called “outside the box” ideas – goofy or attention-grabbing ideas that we want to test, that are often super successful.

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